The Division of Medicinal Chemistry

Spring, 2000 Newsletter

Editor, Patrick M. Woster, Ph.D.

Program Chair, D. Amy Trainor, Ph.D.

Proposed Restructuring of Division Executive Committee

The increasing reliance of Division members on internet-based information, combined with increasing responsibilities for program planning, have made changes to the structure of the Executive Committee necessary. Pending approval of ACS, the changes made to the Executive Committee are as follows:

The Secretary position will be split into two positions: Secretary and Program Chair
Patrick M. Woster has been appointed Division Secretary. The duties of this position include serving as Division Webmaster, production of the Newsletter, and serving as Division Public Relations Officer. In future, the individual occupying this position will be appointed by the Executive Committee.
The position of Program Chair will be an elected position analogous to the office previously designated Division Secretary. This office is currently held by D. Amy Trainor.

The remaining Division Officers are listed below:

Chair: Jane Aldrich
Vice Chair: William Greenlee
Treasurer: B.K. Trivedi
Academic Councilor: Daniel H. Rich
Academic Councilor:Gary Grunewald
Industrial Councilor: Thomas J. Perun
Industrial Councilor:James R. McCarthy
Past Chair:Annette Doherty

News from the Executive Committee

The National MedChem Symposium for 2002 will be held in La Jolla, CA, with Dan Cook from ISIS as organizer. A potential theme for the symposium is Genomics, (gene to drug progression, target validation, focus on development from gene to message to protein). An area University will also be involved in general programming, with academic and industrial program chairs and committee members yet to be named. The proposed scientific program will be broad, with appeal to industrial and academic chemists, and a focus on target discovery and validation, as well as classical medicinal chemistry.

The National MedChem Symposium for 2004 is slated to be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Dan Rich volunteered to be local chair.

The Executive Committee is soliciting volunteers to host the 2006 National MedChem Symposium. Anyone interested in hosting the symposium should send a proposal to Amy Trainor (E-Mail

Costs of outside symposia, as well as rising costs for ACSMEDI programming, prompted the Committee to implement a $3000 per symposium overall cap, with a recommended $1500 per speaker cap, for all ACS National Meeting Symposia. Exceeding the $3000 limit will require approval of the Division Chair and the Chair of the LRPC. This policy will be effective beginning with the San Diego meeting in 2001.

The Membership Committee Chair (Dave Rotella) will in future be responsible for returned Annual Reports, and will handle all requests from Division members for replacement or additional copies. Dr. Rotella can be reached by E-Mail at

News from the Long Range Planning Committee

The program for the 221st American Chemical Society Meeting to be held in San Diego, CA, is as follows:

SUN AM Natural Products: Nature's Combichem
SUN PM HIV Co-Receptors
SUN EVE Posters
MON AM PPAR and Other Orphan Nuclear Receptors I
MON PM PPAR and Other Orphan Nuclear Receptors II
TUES AM E.B. Herschberg Award Symposium
TUES PM New Therapies for Parasitic Infection
WED AM Accelerating Drug Discovery with SBDD Tools
WED PM Candidate Enhancement Technologies
WED ALL Posters
THUR AM Drug-Membrane Interactions
THUS PM Protease-Activated Receptor (PAR) Antagonists

As always, General Oral sessions (4-5) will be added in the appropriate slots.

The ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry Homepage

The WWW homepage for the Division of Medicinal Chemistry, located at, is now the preferred method for accessing up-to-the-minute information concerning the Division. The page has an easy-to-use graphic interface where users select topics on a site map. The homepage includes a What's New section for late-breaking announcements, an FTP site for public domain software, and an Employment section for posting academic, industrial, government and postdoctoral employment opportunities in Medicinal Chemistry. In addition, the Division LISTSERV is the most expedient method for disseminating announcements and other pertinent info. If you are not yet a member of the Division LISTSERV, you can subscribe by sending the following command to

subscribe acsmedi firstname lastname

In return, you will receive an E-mail detailing how to use the list.

The Division of Medicinal Chemistry On-Line Employment Service

The ACSMEDI "virtual job service", located at and also accessible from the Division main page continues to grow. Division members may post ads to the employment section in any of the four sections (industrial, academic, government, postdoctoral) by forwarding the text of the position announcement and any associated graphics by e-mail to Pat Woster at

Upcoming Awards

Dr. Philip S. Portoghese named recipient of the 2000 Alfred Burger Award in Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Philip S. Portoghese has been named recipient of the 2000 Alfred Burger Award in Medicinal Chemistry for outstanding contributions to the field of Medicinal Chemistry, and in particular, for research on the molecular recognition of ligands at opioid receptors, for his leadership over the past 27 years as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.This award, established by the SmithKline Corporation in 1978, will be presented at the ACS National Meeting in Washington.

Upcoming Meetings of Interest

220th American Chemical Society Meeting

August 20-24, 2000

Washington, DC

The program for the 220th American Chemical Society Meeting to be held in Washington, D.C. is as follows:

Sun AM - RNA as a Drug Target - J. Schwab
Sun PM - Protein-Protein Interactions - G. Ellestad
Mon AM - Integrins Past Present and Future - Lam/Trivedi/Ruminski
Mon PM - Integrins Past Present and Future - Lam/Trivedi/Ruminski
Tues AM - P2 Nucleotide Receptors - K. Jacobson
Tues PM - Chemoprevention - P. Woster
Wed AM - Dual Acting Drugs - R. Silverman
Wed PM - Functionating Novel Targets - K. Shiosaki
Thurs AM - Witiak Memorial Symposium - D. Rotella
Thurs PM - Cardiovascular - B.K. Trivedi

Poster and general oral sessions will also be presented at the usual times. For additional information, contact the ACS website at

The Organic Division is sponsoring a grantsmanship workshop to be held 8-10 pm on Tuesday, 8/22 at the Washington meeting. The location is unknown at this time. Panelists will include Peter Wipf (Pitt), Mike Doyle (Arizona), Mike Crimmins (North Carolina), Eric Jacobsen (Harvard), George Rubottom (NSF), and me (NIGMS). The first hour will feature brief presentations on topics such as how NIH and NSF work, what happens to your application when it leaves your school, where to get advice, what reviewers want (or don't want) to see, how to interpret reviewers' comments, and the importance of mentoring. This will be followed by a Q&A session. The emphasis will be on how to maximize your chances for success, and it will *not* be on "what's wrong with the system," or "the reviewers of my application didn't know what they were talking about." This workshop will be quite useful to young faculty, postdocs, and grad students. Aside from the value of the practical info, it should give tangible proof that you're not all alone if you decide to accept the challenge of an academic career.

News Flash: Entertainment at the Poster Session and Mixer on Sunday, August 20, 2000 will be provided Wild Type, a band composed entirely of cancer researchers from Johns Hopkins University. The band will perform two sets, one before the business meeting, and one after the poster session. For more info, go to the Wild Type WWW site

XVI International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

Bologna, Italy

September, 2000

Conference WWW Site:


September 18, 2000

15.00-17.00 Registration
17.00-17.30 Opening - Nauta Award
17.30-18.30 Inaugural Lecture: Rational drug design. What will it look like in the 21st Century? D. Rich (USA)
18.30-20.30 Welcome Cocktail Party

September 19, 2000

8.00-9.00 Registration
9.00-9.45 Plenary Lecture: Pharmacotherapy of the major cardiovascular diseases R. R. Ruffolo (USA)
10.00-12.25 Parallel Sessions:

Antihypertensive Agents G. Gaviraghi (Italy), J. A. Robl (USA), J. D. Elliot (USA)
The Impact of Organic Chemistry on Drug Discovery D. L. Boger (USA), C. Chatgilialoglu (Italy), A. K. Gosh (USA), J. Delgado Martin (Spain)
Antiinfective Agents S. G. Vasudevan (Australia), I. Hayakawa (Japan), M. Ishiguro (Japan), C. Y. Hong (Korea)

10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
12.45-14.00 Lunch Break
14.00-16.25 Parallel Sessions:

Hypolipidaemics/Antiatherosclerotics P. Martres (UK), C. Leach (UK), C. Tarby (USA)
Anticancer Agents S. Neidle (UK), W. A. Denny (New Zealand), C. Hlne (France), P. Cozzi (Italy)
New Paradigms in Receptorology M. J. Smit (The Netherlands), H. Weinstein (USA), A. P. IJzerman (The Netherlands), S. B. Liggett (USA)

15.00-15.30 Coffee Break
16.30-18.00 Poster Session
21.00 Concert

September 20, 2000

9.00-9.45 Plenary Lecture: New developments in antiviral chemotherapy E. De Clerq (Belgium)
10.00-12.25 Parallel Sessions:

Ligands for P1 and P2 Purinergic Receptors K. A. Jacobson (USA), E. Ongini (Italy), C. E. Mueller (Germany), L. J. S. Knutsen (UK)
Antiviral Agents V. G. Matassa (Italy), S. K. Erickson-Vittanen (USA), D. M. Lambert (USA), C. J. Maring (USA)
Natural Products C. Khosla (USA), M. D. Lee (USA), W. Fenical (USA), K. Hostettmann (Switzerland)

10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
12.45-14.00 Lunch Break
14.00-18.00 Excursions

September 21, 2000

9.00-16.25 Parallel Sessions:

Neurodegenerative Diseases E. Giacobini (Switzerland), W. Greenlee (USA), P. T. Lansbury (USA), P. Jenner (UK), R. M. Nitsch (Switzerland), I. McDonald (USA), J. A. Kemp (Switzerland), L. Schnell (Switzerland)
Ligands for Glutamate and GABA Receptors R. Pellicciari (Italy), A. P. Kozikowski (USA), F. Gasparini (Switzerland), J. A. Monn (USA), A. M. MacLeod (UK), W. Froestl (Switzerland), P. L. Ornstein (USA), J. Wright (USA)
Pain and Inflammation P. Prasit (Canada), A. Mantovani (Italy), C. Farina (Italy), G. De Nanteuil (France), R. Di Fabio (Italy), M. Nobbs (UK), G. M. Dondio (Italy), G. Ronsisvalle (Italy)

10.00-10.30 Coffee Break
12.30-14.00 Lunch Break
15.00-15.30 Coffee Break
16.30-18.00 Poster Session
20.00-23.00 Gala Dinner

September 22, 2000

9.00-9.45 Plenary Lecture: The continuing evolution of the drug discovery process in the pharmaceutical industry E. Ratti (Italy)
9.50-10.20 Coffee Break
10.25-10.40 Short Communications: Poster lectures
10.45-11.00 Short Communications: Poster lectures
11.05-11.20 Short Communications: Poster lectures
11.25-12.45 Poster Session
12.45-14.00 Lunch Break
14.00-16.25 Parallel Sessions:

Polyamines as Templates for Transmitter Receptor Ligands P. Krogsgaard-Larsen (Denmark), G. Hesse (Switzerland), M. G. Bixel (Germany), P. N. R. Usherwood (UK)
New Technologies C. Rawlings (UK), Y. C. Martin (USA), M. Bradley (UK), M. Shapiro (USA)
Pharmacokinetic Lead Optimisation J. Dressman (Germany), S. Kraemer (UK), B. Testa (Switzerland), M. Cronin (UK)

15.00-15.30 Coffee Break
16.30 Closing

Scientific Advisory Board:

D. Buckle (UK)
A. Cordi (France)
J. Frigola (Spain)
A. K. Ganguly (USA)
W. Froestl (Switzerland)
H. D. Hltje (Germany)
A. P. Kozikowski (USA)
P. Krogsgaard-Larsen (Denmark)
K. Jakobson (USA)
R. Imhof (Switzerland)
A. Lipkowski (Poland)
P. Ornstein (USA)
P. Portoghese (USA)
J. Poupaert (Belgium)
D. Rees (UK)
R. R. Ruffolo (USA)
F. Sanz (Spain)

Scientific Committee:

F. Dall'Acqua, chairman (Italy)
C. Melchiorre, co-chairman (Italy)
E. Aiello (Italy)
P. G. Baraldi (Italy)
D. Donati (Italy)
A. Gasco (Italy)
F. Gualtieri (Italy)
E. Kyburz (Switzerland)
A. Leonardi (Italy)
B. Macchia (Italy)
N. Mongelli (Italy)
E. Novellino (Italy)
R. Pellicciari (Italy)
G. Tarzia (Italy)
B. Testa (Switzerland)
H. Timmerman (The Netherlands) MC-ACS
A. M. Doherty (USA)
T. M. Perun (USA)


N. Koga (Japan)


J.-C. Mller (France)

Poster Review Committee

V. Tortorella, chairman (Bari)
A. Carotti (Bari)
F. Sparatore (Genova)
V. Tumiatti (Bologna)

Proceedings Editor

G. Ronsisvalle (Catania)

Organising Committee

C. Melchiorre, chairman (Bologna)
A. Minarini, secretary (Bologna)
A. Chiarini (Bologna)
R. Gatti (Bologna)
L. Mosti (Genova)
M. Rambaldi (Bologna)
M. Recanatini (Bologna)

Pacifichem 2000

December 14-19, 2000

Honolulu, Hawaii

The International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Pacifichem 2000, is established to disseminate recent research results in the chemical sciences among chemists of the Pacific Rim countries, thereby fostering industrial development, improve local and global environments, and the material well-being of their peoples. The Congress is cosponsored by the ACS, The Chemical Society of Japan, Canadian Society for Chemistry, New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Over 179 symposia have already been accepted for presentation. Most symposium organizers will accept contributed papers in either oral or poster format. The official abstract form will be released in 1999 with an anticipated deadline of April 1, 2000. Further information can be obtained from the Congress Secretariat, c/o American Chemical Society, 1155 16th St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036, E-mail:, FAX: 202-872-6128.

Schedule of Upcoming ACS National Meetings

220th National Meeting, Fall 2000, August 20-24, Washington, D.C.
221st National Meeting, Spring 2001, April 1-5, San Diego, CA
222nd National Meeting, Fall, 2001, August 26-30, Chicago, IL

Division of Medicinal Chemistry Travel Grants

The Division of Medicinal Chemistry makes available 14 grants annually of $600 each to aid young chemists in presenting papers at the ACS National Meetings.

The applicant must be an ACS member (student or affiliate) and not have previously been the recipient of this award. Each university department can have only one awardee.

In order of priority, the following criteria will be used for selection of awards: Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellow, Individual with less than five years post-Ph.D. experience. Scientific merit of paper to be presented will also be considered.

Send applications to Amy Trainor, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, 1800 Concord Pike. Wilmington, DE 19850-5437, USA. Applications are due on the same day as the deadline for poster abstract submittals.

Awardees will be notified of the granting of such an award in sufficient time so that the awardee can pre-register for the meeting. The awards will be made at the Sunday evening business meeting of the Division.


1. Name of Applicant for Travel Grant ____________________________________.
2. Degree __________ Year Obtained:___________________
3. Present Institution:______________________________________
4. Department:________________________________________________________
5. Work to be reported was (check one or more):

a. Ph.D. Thesis ___________
b. M.S. Thesis ___________
c. Postdoctoral Fellowship ___________
d. Supported by:

1. Grant___________
2. Department ___________
3. Other__________________________________

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