The Division of Medicinal Chemistry

Fall 1998 Newsletter

Annette M. Doherty - Secretary

New Divisional Officers

Jane V. Aldrich was elected Vice-Chair of Division of Medicinal Chemistry. Her term begins January 1999 and includes Chairpersonship of the Long Range Planning Committee. Elected to the position of Councilor for a three year term was Gary. L. Grunewald, his term begins in January 1999.

The other officers of the Division for the reminder of 1998, as previously elected will be:

Kenneth Kirk, Chair
Annette M. Doherty, Secretary
Amy Trainor, Vice-Chair
Leslie G. Humber, Treasurer
Dale L. Boger, Councilor
James McCarthy, Councilor
Michael F. Rafferty , Councilor
Leroy B. Townsend, Councilor

217th American Chemical Society Meeting
Anaheim, CA, March 21-25, 1999

The program for the Medicinal Chemistry Division is outlined below. In addition to the listed symposia, there will be an Awards Session on Tuesday Morning.

The preliminary program for the Medicinal Chemistry Division is outlined below. There will be several general oral and poster sessions, the final program will be available in an upcoming issue of C and E News, as well as the Division Homepage on the World Wide Web located at

Anaheim, Spring 1999 Program
Symposium Title (Organizer/Chair)

Sun AM General oral papers (A. Doherty/TBA)
Sun PM General oral papers (A. Doherty/TBA)
Sun Eve Poster Session (A. Doherty/J. Wright)
Mon AM Pharmacogenomics - MDCM Applications (J. Schwab/Prabha Fernandes)
Mon PM Pharmacogenomics - MDCM Applications (J. Schwab/Prabha Fernandes)
Mon PM (Co-Run) Endothelins (P. Woster)
Tues AM Awards/General Oral (A. Doherty/TBA)
Tues PM Adrenergics (S. Hays/D. Miller)
Tues PM (Co-Run) General Oral Session (A. Doherty)
Wed AM Screening and Profiling (K. Shiosaki/R. Wexler)
Wed PM Screening and Profiling (K. Shiosaki/R. Wexler)
Wed All Poster Session (A. Doherty)
Thurs AM Antivirals (V. Prasad)
Thurs PM PDE IV inhibitors (R. Wrigglesworth/ K. Cooper/A. Duplantier)

TBA: To be announced

The Annual Division Business Meeting scheduled to take place after the Division of Medicinal Chemistry's Executive Committee meeting is open to all members. Members are encouraged to attend. The meeting will take place at the location of the poster session 7.00 - 7.30 p.m. on Sunday, March 21st, 1999.

Abstracts for Anaheim ACS meeting

You are invited to submit an abstract for the Anaheim ACS Meeting, March 21-25, 1999. The deadline for abstracts is November 15, 1998. The short (150 word) abstract, typed on the standard ACS form, should be mailed to the Division Secretary, Annette Doherty. Abstract forms may be obtained from the ACS office calling the Membership Service Center 1-800-451-9190. If more convenient, we will also accept original copy on the form from the World Wide Web located at Faxed abstracts are not acceptable. A 1,000 word expanded abstract or equivalent supporting documentation is required for oral presentations. This additional information will be used to help select the oral papers from the many requests.

218th American Chemical Society Meeting
New Orleans, LA, August 22-26, 1998

The following symposia are being organized:

Sun AM General oral papers (A. Doherty)
Sun PM General oral papers (A. Doherty)
Sun EVE Poster Session (A. Doherty)
Mon AM Addiction (K. Cooper / K. Janda)
Mon PM Combinatorial Chemistry Applications (J. Ellman/J. Falck)
Tues AM Smissman Fellowship Awards Symposium (A. Doherty/S. Hays)
Tues PM Serotonin Antagonists (R. Wexler)
Tues PM (Co-Run) General Oral (A. Doherty)
Wed AM Agonist/Antagonist Pairs (K. Shiosaki)
Wed PM Minor Groove Binding Agents (K. Janda)
Wed All Poster Session (A. Doherty)
Thurs AM Cell Cycle (A. Doherty)
Thurs PM Antibiotic Resistance (J. Schwab/J. Ellman)

Suggestions for symposia at future meetings are invited from the Division members. Well thought-out proposals with possible speakers and topics should be sent to the 1998 Division Secretary (A. Doherty) for discussion at the Divisional Long Range Planning Committee meetings held twice a year at the National meetings. Proposals from members wishing to chair general oral sessions or poster sessions are invited. Please send an e-mail to A. Doherty at if you are interested in doing this for the Anaheim or New Orleans meetings.

Meetings of Interest

2000 Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Kansas

The Medicinal Chemistry Symposium will be held at the Omni-Richmond hotel in Kansas City, June 12-20, 2000. Organisers for this meeting are Gary Grunewald, Dan Flynn and Mike Rafferty.

A preliminary list of symposium topics includes the following:

Non-therapeutic approaches to the treatment of cancer
Lead generation
Targeted delivery
Interface between Medicinal Chemistry and diagnostics.
Chemoprevention / quality of life.

2002 Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

There appears to be a strong preference for a West Coast location. If you are interested in proposing a location (west coast or other) and are willing to organize this symposium, please contact A. Doherty.

AIMECS 1999 Beijing, China

Tom Perun will be representing the Division as a member of the organising committee. Ken Kirk and Les Mitscher would be giving presentations at this meeting, on fluorinated adrenergic probes and chemical libraries respectively.

Year 2000 ACS meetings

The committee on Divisional Activities has agreed to coordinate a consolidated effort to develop special programming to celebrate the "Turn of the century" at the spring 2000 National meeting in San Francisco. The proposal for this event was developed and brought forward by several current and past Division chairs. Peter Haustein ( NUCL), George Famini (comp) Robin Rogers (I & EC) and Chris Pruit, Administrator of the ACS meeting Department. A steering committee has been established to coordinate this ACS wide effort and Dr Paul S. Andersen, immediate past President of the society, has agreed to chair this committee. The first meeting was held June 7/8, 1998 and they discussed divisional symposia that could contribute to this event. Each division is being asked to contribute at least 1/2 day session to support this initiative, which is directly related to impact of the field (Med. Chem.) in the 21st century.

Ideas to date from the committee have included, helping the environment, global chemistry and sustainable technologies. There will be a plenary session concerning "Evolution of chemical enterprise in the 21st century". For the general public there will be a plenary session on "Quality of life - 21st century".

1999 Third Winter Conference on Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry

The early registration deadline for the Third Winter Conference on Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry (January 23-29, 1999, Steamboat Springs, CO) was October 8. Registrations will still be accepted, although the hotel rates and space cannot be guaranteed, so if you are planning on attending and have not yet sent in your materials, please do so as soon as possible.

If you need forms or want more information, materials are available via the ACS Medicinal Chemistry Home Page at or by contacting Mike Rafferty at The brochure also includes information for submission of abstracts for oral or poster presentations. Please note that for the first time student/postdoctoral travel awards will be offered to a select group of students. There is still plenty of time to submit abstracts for either the regular sessions or the travel awards.

List of confirmed speakers and tentative titles

"Optimization in Chemical Synthesis" Victor Snieckus, Queens University, chair

Carsten Bolm, Inst. Organische Chem., RhenischeWestfalische Technische Hochshule: Metal-Catalyzed Asymmetric Oxidations.
Gilbert Stork, Columbia U.: From Cincholoipin and Cantharidin to the Present
Pat Confalone, DuPont-Merck: Recent Advances in the Process R&D of Novel AIDS Therapeutics.
Matthias Beller, Technische Universitaet Munchen: Catalysis as a Key Technology for Environmentally Benign Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Important Amines and Amino Acids
Paul Wender, Stanford: The Chemistry-Medicine Continuum: the Design of New Reactions in Connection with the Design of new Therapeutic Agents.
Michael Martinelli, Lilly: The Total Synthesis of Cryptophycins, Potent Marine Natural Product Oncolytics.
Lutz Tietze, Georg-August Universitaet: Domino Reactions in Organic Synthesis. A Contribution to Efficiency, Economy, and Ecology in Chemistry.

"Methodologies for Parallel Array Medicinal Chemistry", Dan Flynn and Gunda Georg, co-chairs.

Gunda Georg, Univ. of Kansas: Overview/Background presentation.
Dennis Curran, Univ. Pittsburgh: Fluorous Phase as a Method for Parallel Array Synthesis.
David Bergbreiter,Texas A&M University:Soluble Polymers in Parallel Array Synthesis.
Daniel Flynn, Monsanto Life Sciences Company: Leveraging Molecular Recognition in Chemoselective Sequestration Purification Strategies.
Steve Kaldor, Lilly: Sequestration Methods for Purification in Array Synthesis. Application to Specific Drug Discovery Projects.
Daniel Pilipauskas, Searle: Experimental Design Tools for the Medicinal Chemist.

"Applications of Structural Biology to Drug Discovery" Christie G. Broulliette, U. Alabama-Birmingham, chair.

Kenneth P. Murphy, Ph.D., University of Iowa: Predicting Binding Energetics from Structure: Looking Beyond DG.
Carol B. Post, Ph.D., Purdue University: Structure and Energetics of Protein-Peptide Complexes.
Dagmar Ringe, Ph.D., Brandeis University: Analysis of the Binding Surfaces of Proteins.
Joe Loo, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research: Application of Mass Spectrometry for Target Identification.
Gabriel Waksman, Washington University School of Medicine: SH2 domains: from structure to energetics, a dual approach to study of structure/function relationships.

"Impact of Genomics Technologies on Pharmaceutical Research" Gary McMaster, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research, chair.

Tim Harris, AxyS : Genetics, Genomics and Drug Discovery.
David West, PDLMG: Functional genomics- Mouse Genetics.
David Benetly, Sanger Centre : an overview of the Human Genome Project.
Tom Freeman, Sanger Centre : HTS Expression Profiling to define response genes and novel targets for drug discovery.
Brent Kreider, Human Genome Sciences: title tbd .

"Multi-Drug Resistance" Les Mitscher, U. Kansas, chair.

Lester A. Mitscher: Nature and Dimensions of the Problem.
Daniel T.W. Chu, Abbott: Recent Progress in the Synthesis of Novel Macrolides, Quinolones, and Pyrimidones to Overcome Bacterial Resistance.
Leonard Katz, Abbott: Novel Erythromycin Analogs by Genetic Engineering.
Bryan Norman, Lilly: Multiple Drug Resistance Inhibitors as Adjuncts in Anticancer Chemotherapy.
Ving Lee, Microcide Pharmaceuticals: Title not available.
Prahaathi Fernandes, Small Molecule Therapeutics, Inc: Microbial Resistance: Novel Screens for a Contemporary Problem.
Dinesh Patel, Versicor: Quinazolidinones.
Kuo-Husiung Lee, UNC: Novel Antitumor Agents from Higher Plants.

Other Meetings of Interest

Residential School on Medicinal Chemistry, June 14-18,1999, Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. Contact Prof. William J. Houlihan, C.A. Dana Research Institute, Drew University, Hall of Sciences, Room 331,Madison,New Jersey,07940,USA.Tel:973-408-3787,FAX:973-408-3504,E-mail: Complete program and registration form can be found on the School web site at

Designing Drugs to Minimize or Maximize Exposure to the Brain. A Special Topics Course of the Residential School on Medicinal Chemistry, July 14- 16,1999, Forrestal Conference Center, Princeton, New Jersey. Contact Prof. William J. Houlihan, C.A. Dana Research Institute, Drew University, Hall of Sciences,Room331,Madison,New Jersey,07940,USA. Tel:973-4083787,FAX:973- 408-3504,E-Mail: Complete program and registration form can be found on the School web site at

8th Cyprus Conference on New Methods Drug Research. The conference will be held in Limassol, Cyprus on April 25-30, 1999. To get all details on the program and registration form, send your application at or by fax at (860) 651.6227.

1998 ACS Regional Meeting Dates

November 1 - 3, 1998 54th Southwest Regional Meeting, Baton Rouge, La. General Chair: Carl Hudson, Exxon R&D Labs, P.O. Box 2226, Baton Rouge, La. 70821, (504) 359-4890, fax (504) 359-7325.
November 4 - 7, 1998 33rd ACS Midwest Regional Meeting; Broadview Hotel, Wichita, Kan. General Co-Chairs: Charles Greenlief, Emporia State U, Dept. of Chemistry, CB 4030, Emporia, Kan. 66801-5087, (316) 341-5990, fax (316) 341-6055, e-mail: and Phillip Wahlbeck, Dept. of Chemistry, Wichita State U, Wichita, Kan. 67260-0051, (316) 689-3120, fax (316) 689-3431, e-mail:
November 4 - 7, 1998 50th ACS Southeast Regional Meeting; Sheraton Imperial, Research Triangle Park, N.C. General Chair: Bill Switzer, North Carolina State U, Chemistry Dept., Box 8204, Raleigh, NC 27695-8204, (919) 775-0800 ext. 944, fax (919) 515-5079, e-mail:

1999 Regional Meetings

June 20 - 22, 1999 54th Northwest Regional Meeting (NORM '99); Portland, Oregon General Chair: Tom Dunne, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, OR 97202, (503) 777-7207, fax (503) 777-7769; e-mail:
June 21 - 23, 1999 31st Central Regional Mtg; Columbus, Ohio General Chair: J. Parson, Chemistry Dept., Ohio State U, 100 West 18th Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43210, (614) 292-3267, fax (614) 292-1685; e-mail:
June 21 - 26, 1999 28th Northeast Regional Mtg; Clarkson Univ., Potsdam, N.Y. General Chair: P. Zuman, Dept. of Chemistry, Potsdam Univ., Potsdam, N.Y. 13699-5810, (315) 268-2340
Oct. 17 - 20, 1999 51st ACS Southeast Regional Meeting; Hyatt Regency Knoxville, Knoxville, Tennessee Contact: C. Feigerle, Dept. of Chemistry, U of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. 37996-1600, (615) 974-2129; e-mail:
October 27 - 29, 1999 34th Midwest Regional Meeting General Chair: Dr. H. David Wohlers, Science Hall, Truman State Univ., 100 E. Normal, Kirksville, MO 63501-4435, (816) 785-4625,
Meeting Date Not Confirmed 33rd Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting General Chair: George Heinze, 30 Bunker Hill Run, E. Brunswick, NJ 08816, (732) 257-5754
Meeting Date Not Confirmed 35th Western Regional Meeting General Chair: Ms. Valerie Barrett, Sunkist Growers, 760 E. Sunkist St., Ontario, CA 91761, (909) 933-2291,

Schedule of National ACS Meetings

217th - Spring 1999 March 21-25 Anaheim, CA
218th - Fall 1999 August 22-26 New Orleans, LA
219th - Spring 2000 March 26-31 San Francisco, CA
220th - Fall 2000 August 20-25 Washington DC
221st - Spring 2001 April 1-5 San Diego, CA

1999-2000 Predoctoral Fellowships

The ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry announces the continuation of its Fellowship program. Five $20,000 fellowships will be awarded in 1999, through the sponsorship of the following companies: Abbott Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hoechst-Marion Roussel, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research, and Wyeth-Ayerst Research. The awards are for predoctoral students engaged in medicinal chemistry research in a Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Chemistry department listed in the current ACS Directory of Graduate Research.

Nominations should include a complete student curriculum vitae, including education and work experience; a student bibliography, including reprints of articles; a complete project description including rationale (five-page limit) prepared by the candidate; transcripts of all post-high school work, including Graduate Record Examination scores (if available); three letters, including a nomination letter from the student's research advisor; and a letter from a university official with a commitment to cover tuition and all fees granted to other regular graduate students.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent resident visa holders at the time of application and must have at least one year of graduate school remaining at the time an award would begin September 1, 1999. Additional information (including a complete set of guidelines) can be obtained from Dr. Kenneth Kirk, Ph.D., Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry, NIDDK, NIH, Building 8A, Room B1A-02, Bethesda, MD 20892, Phone (301) 496-2619, Fax (301) 402-4182, e-mail : All application materials for the awards are due on January 15, 1999 and must be received by Dr. Kenneth Kirk (1999 Past-Chair) at the above address.

Changes to Bylaws

The council of the American Chemical Society approved amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws to change all documents to reflect gender neutrality. In addition specifications to election as a division officer have been clarified to reflect that it is not possible to be nominated for re-election as Chair of the Division.

Report of the Electronic Communications Committee (P. Woster)

The Division WWW Page

The Division WWW page was recently moved to a new, faster server at WSU. The new URL is: There was no interruption of service, and users accessing the old address were informed of the change, and provided with a link to the new site. During the move, the links and services of the page were updated, and a specific link to the J. Med. Chem. Page was added.

A number of users have requested the addition of a virtual "job service" to the WWW page. As you are aware, we have used the LISTSERV to advertise a number of positions, some of which are academic, and others industrial (some provided by "headhunters"). The Employment Opportunities section is located at There are several positions listed there, and more are coming in weekly.

Perspective Articles - J. Med. Chem.

The editors at the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry would like to solicit suggestions for Perspective articles. If you have an idea for a contribution, please contact Dr. P. Portoghese at Tel: (612) 624-6184, Fax: (612) 626-6891 or e-mail:

The ACSMEDI OnLine Services Survey

A survey including 30 questions pertaining to various issues for the Division LISTSERV, WWW page and roster was posted at the end of July. We would like to encourage you to complete this survey as it provides an opportunity for you to give us your input. To access the survey, click HERE.

Organic Division Membership

The Division of Organic Chemistry

Established in 1908 (chaired by E.C. Franklin), the ORGN divisionhas grown into the largest division of the ACS, with an active membership of over 12,500. In 1990, it received the ACS Award for Outstanding Performance by Divisions in recognition of its service to its members and its meritous contributions to the profession and the public understanding of chemistry.

What are the Benefits of Membership in the Organic Division ?

* You will receive semiannual Newsletters with information about divisional and joint programs at National ACS Meetings, invitation to present papers/posters and these meetings, deadlines for paper submissions, and other meetings of interest.
* You will receive Abstract Booklets of papers presented at National Meetings by the Organic Division, including those cosponsored with other divisions.
* You will enjoy gratis copies of flexicover annual editions of Organic Syntheses, courtesy of Organic Syntheses, Inc.
* You will obtain annually four discount coupons providing not less than 25% discounts on books purchased from the following major publishers: Academic Press Inc.; Holden Day, Inc.; John Wiley & Sons; Marcel Dekker, Inc.;Pergamon Press Inc.; Plenum Press, Inc.; University Science Books; and VCH Publishers, inc.
* Through the process of nomination, you can participate in selection of speackers at the National Organic Symposia.
* Through yearly input by nomination, you can assist in selecting the Officers of the Division.
* By further individual or group involvement, you can contribute to enhancing the statue of the field of organic chemistry in and outside of ACS.

Special Offer from Bentham Science Publishers

Discounts on Subscriptions to Current Medicinal Chemistry and Current Pharmaceutical Design

We are pleased to announce that Bentham Science Publishers has agreed to offer a 50% discount off the personal subscription rate for the journals "Current Medicinal Chemistry" and "Current Pharmaceutical Design" to members of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry. Current Medicinal Chemistry covers all the latest and outstanding developments in medicinal chemistry and rational drug design. Each bi-monthly (soon to be monthly) issue contains a series of timely in-depth reviews written by leaders in the field covering a range of current topics in medicinal chemistry. Current Pharmaceutical Design publishes timely in-depth reviews covering all aspects of current research in rational drug design. Each bi-monthly issue is devoted to a single major therapeutic area, and covers all subject areas of major importance to modern drug design, including medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, drug targets and disease mechanisms. The subscription rate for CMC or CPD for 1998 (6 issues per year) will be $110.00 U.S. for each title for Division members only (the usual personal subscription rate is $208.00 U.S. per title). For more information, or to subscribe or request sample copies, connect to the Bentham Homepage at:

ACS Career Consultants Program

Established in 1989, the Career Consultant Program has served more than 3300 members in various stages of career development, from young chemists launching professional careers, to mid-career chemists changing careers, to chemists nearing retirement who want to start consulting practices or small chemical businesses. The consultations are provided by volunteer members who are experienced chemists with established careers in their respective fields of expertise. Presently, there are more than 60 Career Consultants, who have been selected by a careful review process and who receive ongoing training annually to stay abreast of employment trends and members' career development needs.

Consultants may discuss any of the following concerns with ACS members seeking career guidance:

* finding employment in academia, government, or industry
* Presenting one's qualifications effectively in a resume or c. v, and when to use each
* Starting a freelance or private consulting business
* Launching a professional career
* Making a career change from academia to industry, or vice versa
* Deciding whether to pursue a higher degree
* Interviewing successfully and using productive interview follow-up procedures
* Implementing techniques for professional advancement
* Getting re-employed after termination, layoff, separation, or voluntary leave
* Changing careers at mid-life and identifying transferable skills

Members interested in participating in the program call the Dept. of Career Services at (800) 227-5558, X4436 to speak with Elaine Diggs, Program Coordinator, and provide basic information about their career needs and professional background. (Or, they may e-mail her at They send a resume or c. v. and are matched with a Career Consultant based on compatibility of professional background between member and Consultant. Within a week, the member receives a letter assigning his or her consultant with the consultant's name, phone number, and e-mail address along with a packet of Career Services literature dealing with career management resources, job search techniques, resume writing skills, and interviewing tips. The member initiates contact with the consultant, who is free to approach the consultation process in whatever manner he/she finds effective.

Background/Characteristics sought in consultants include:

* work experience in chemistry or a related field
* respected by colleagues-reputation for excellent work
* mentoring or advising experience
* career counseling or personnel (hiring and firing) experience
* personal experience with making job or career changes
* good writing and speaking skills
* good telephone communication skills
* dependable, outgoing, empathetic, tactful, and patient
* employed and/or retired members of ACS
* broad view of the business and professional dimensions of chemistry

To apply to become a Career Consultant, a volunteer submits a 1-page application and accompanying resume with 2 letters of recommendation from active ACS members. After approval by the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs, new consultants are invited to attend a training workshop held in the fall in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore area to meet other consultants and to become familiar with program operations. All travel expenses are paid by ACS as well as any out-of-pocket expenses incurred throughout the year by consultants for long-distance telephone calls, faxes, photocopies, or postage.

Serving as a Career Consultant affords the volunteer an opportunity to give back to the profession by helping to meet the needs of fellow scientists at significant career crossroads, adds to his or her professional network, and contributes to his or her own professional development by adding the experience of holding a prestigious ACS appointment. Appointments are for 2-year terms (eligible for renewal if the consultant chooses) and usually entail an average of 8 - 12 consulting cases per year.

Biotechnology Symposium, August, 1999, New Orleans ACS meeting

The Division of Medicinal Chemistry will participate in the Biotechnology Symposium to be held at the 218th National American Chemical Society meeting, August 22-26, 1999, New Orleans, LA.

The purpose of the symposium is to present various aspects of biotechnology in order to enhance the development of biotechnology in Louisiana in the public and private sectors.

Primary contact

Sharon Vercellotti
Vice President, Board of Directors
Louisiana Alliance for Biotechnology, Inc.
423 North Theard Street
Covington LA 70433
Telephone 504-893-0533, Fax 504-893-0517

If you are interested in organizing a symposium for this meeting or contributing a paper, please contact A. Doherty.


The Division of Medicinal Chemistry makes available 14 grants annually of $600 each to aid young chemists in presenting papers at the ACS National Meetings.

Eligibility: The applicant must be an ACS member (student or affiliate) and not have previously been the recipient of this award. Each university department can have only one awardee.

Criteria for Selection: In order of priority, the following criteria will be used for selection of awards: Graduate Student, Postdoctoral Fellow, Individual with less than five years post-Ph.D. experience. Scientific merit of paper to be presented will also be considered.

Application Procedure: Send applications to Annette Doherty, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research, Division of Warner-Lambert Company, 2800 Plymouth Road, P.O. Box 1047, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1047. (a> The applications are due on the same date as the MDCM abstract deadline for the upcoming National ACS Meeting.

Awardees will be notified of the granting of such an award in sufficient time to that the awardee can pre-register for the meeting. The awards will be made at the Tuesday evening business meeting of the Division.


1. Name of Applicant for Travel Grant ____________________________________.
2. Degree __________ Year Obtained:___________________
3. Present Institution:______________________________________
4. Department:________________________________________________________
5. Work to be reported was (check one or more):

a. Ph.D. Thesis ___________
b. M.S. Thesis ___________
c. Postdoctoral Fellowship ___________
d. Supported by:
1. Grant___________
2. Department ___________
3. Other__________________________________

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