Division of Medicinal Chemistry - Other Items of Interest

Other Web Sites of Interest to the Division:

General Sites

Sci-Quest.com, a clearing house for Scientific Equipment vendors.
Check out the BioChemNet.
A new, Chemistry-oriented Search Engine (FREE!!).
A new, Chemistry-oriented Search Engine (a subscription fee is required).
A listing of Medchem-oriented sites compiled by Matthew Dowd at Virginia Commonwealth University
Download a free protein chemistry screensaver for Windows 3.1 or 95, courtesy of Kimberlyte
The Chemical Online News and Information Service
The ChemWeb Homepage
The National Institutes of Health Homepage.
The QSAR and Modelling Society Homepage
Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI) for deposit and exchange of molecular and biomolecular samples including crystals.
The WWW Virtual Library - Pharmacy
The WWW Virtual Library - Information by Subject
The PharmWeb List of Pharmacy-Related Academic Institutions
A Searchable Database of 4000 Legend and OTC Drug Products
A Number of Interesting MedChem Links Courtesy of The Soaring Bear
LabTrader Magazine
The University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database
The American Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry Section Homepage
The American Society of Health System Pharmacists Homepage
The European Union Drug Regulatory Authorities Network (EUDRANET) Homepage
The International Isotope Society Homepage
The TIAA/CREF Homepage

Journal Sites

The Homepage for the Journal Bentham Scientific Publishers and Current Medicinal Chemistry
The Homepage for Perspectives in Drug Design and Discovery.
The Homepage for Ashley Publications, Ltd.
Get all the info for the new ACS Journal Organic Letters
The Homepage for Current Drugs .
Access the March 1998 release of the NIST Chemistry WebBook
The Homepage for the Journal Current Pharmaceutical Design
The Homepage for the Journal Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
Free Medline searching on the World Wide Web!!!
The Alchemist (a ChemWeb publication)
Science Magazine and Science Classified Advertising On-Line via AAAS
Read The Scientist on the Internet
A Compilation of Instructions to Authors for ACS and other related Journals
Homepage for Reviews in Computational Chemistry
Homepage for The Journal of Molecular Modeling
The Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design
The WWW Virtual Library: Journals, Conferences and Current Awareness Services in the Biosciences (A nifty list of biomedical, biological and biochemical journals!)
The Journal of Biological Chemistry Online
The Complete Elsevier Science Catalogue (Tetrahedron, Biomed. Chem., etc.)
Tetrahedron Information System Homepage
The Academic Press Homepage
The Portland Press Homepage

Commercial Sites

The PRG, Inc., the leading online source for newsletters, directories and market analysis reports in a wide variety of industries.
The Advanced Chemistry Development Homepage and FREE copy of ChemSketch 3.5, a chemistry drawing program for the PC.
The Homepage for Bohdan Automation.
The Homepage for International Pharmajobs, an On-Line employment service for the Pharmaceutical world.
Homepage for Argonaut Technologies
Homepage for the research compound collection at Asinex, Inc.
Free copies or updates for ISISDraw 2.1 (Windows) or 2.0.2 (MacIntosh)
Homepage for Pharmaceutical Online
WWW-based STN search
Tripos Software Updates
NIH Approved Electronic PHS 398 Forms
The Silicon Graphics Chemistry and Biological Sciences Homepage (Lots of great hyperlinks!)
Tripos on the Web
Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc.
Biosym/MSI On-Line
Fisher Scientific
Sigma Chemical
Cambridge Software
The BioOnline Marketplace Store
Softshell International Ltd. (Commercial and freeware Chemistry Drawing Software).
The Alfa Aesar Homepage

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