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ACSMEDI-EFMC Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers
City of Philadelphia Tours

Three sightseeing tours hosted by Access Philadelphia have been arranged for attendees of ACSMEDI-EFMC Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers. These tours may be booked on the registration page when you register for the meeting, or separately up to 10 days before the conference. The duration of each tour, the price per person and the details of each tour are outlined below. All prices include roundtrip transportation, parking fees and tolls, fuel surcharges, professional tour guide or tour escort, noted inclusions and all taxes and gratuities. Due to the nature of certain historic structures and other attractions, not all tours are 100% wheelchair accessible. We will provide wheelchair lift vehicles [subject to availability] as necessary at the client’s sole additional expense. Each tour must have a minimum or 30 and a maximum of 50 participants; in the event a tour falls short of the minimum head count, you will have the option of joining another tour, or obtaining a refund.

Philly Top to Bottom (Bus/Walking Tour, 3.5 - 4 hours, $82.00 per person)

The day begins with a visit to One Liberty Observation Deck for the most spectacular 360o views from 57 stories (the top)! In addition to the birds-eye view, guests can get fascinating facts about landmarks in and around Philadelphia with the “Go Find Your Philly” interactive boards. Six touch screen monitors offer a closer, high-definition look at noteworthy sites around the region. Just tap and you’ll instantly zoom in to get even more information on the landmark’s history, architecture and its impact on culture.

Following this spectacular attraction guests will have a Philadelphia Then & Now tour, seeing the major sites and landmarks of the city from “the bottom.” Beginning before 1776, we will hear stories of the people, places and things that made Colonial Philadelphia the seat of government for the young nation and one of the largest English speaking cities in the world. Going beyond the colonial period, we will visit the bustling business district, Museum Mile of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the famous Rocky steps, Philadelphia’s vibrant theater district, Antique Row, the captivating French-inspired Rittenhouse Square and much more.

SPECIAL TO THIS TOUR will be a visit to the Chemical Heritage Foundation Museum. Have you ever wondered how plastics are made? Where crayons get their colors? Do you want to find out how the code of DNA was cracked? Or how we can measure oxygen on Mars? For centuries curious men and women have worked to unlock and master the secrets of nature – the hows and whys of chemical change. The exhibitions profile the amazing successes, astonishing failures, and strange surprises behind the discoveries that changed our world. CHF’s object collection includes artifacts and scientific instruments of historical interest and significance that document the history of chemistry and chemical engineering and their impact on society.

Off-coach photo opportunities will occur throughout the tour.

Colonial Philadelphia Experience (Bus/Walking Tour, 3.5 - 4 hours, $85.00 per person)

The Colonial Philadelphia Experience is a fully-guided tour both on coach and on foot through America’s Birthplace – the heart of Philadelphia’s historic district.

Step out to Philadelphia’s modern day Market Street and learn how it got its name from the colonial market stalls that bustled with life in the 1700s as you stroll towards Independence National Historical Park. Hear the stories of the people, places and things that made Colonial Philadelphia the seat of government for the young nation. We will visit neighborhoods where the Founding Fathers’ lived and see how contemporary Philadelphians have made them their own. See the same tiny courtyards and by-ways of colonial Philadelphians – only seen while on foot!

Sites include*: Liberty Bell Center, Independence Hall, Congress Hall, Second Bank of the US, Benjamin Franklin’s print shop, Betsy Ross House, Franklin’s grave, Elfreth’s Alley and Christ Church.

SPECIAL TO THIS TOUR will be a private visit during non-opened hours of the Physick House. Dr. Philip Syng Physick became one of the most accomplished physicians of his time, earning the moniker "Father of American Surgery." Of note is his pioneering surgical tools on the second floor – bloodletting instruments, stomach pumps, clamps, and tubes to remove kidney stones, and more.

*The number of sites visited will depend on lines encountered and speed at which the group moves.

Medical Marvels (3.5 hours, $88.00 per person)

This fully guided tour explores Philadelphia’s medical marvels, miracles and Misfortunes.

Begin with a tour of Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation's first hospital founded in 1751, twenty-five years before the American Revolution. We’ll see such things as the 1817 Benjamin West painting "Christ Healing the Sick in the Temple," the historical library (begun in 1762 and once designated by the AMA as the country's most important medical library) and the oldest existing surgical amphitheatre in North America, opened in 1804.

Next, we will visit the infamous Mutter Museum with its more than 20,000 objects, including fluid-preserved anatomical and pathological specimens, medical instruments, anatomical and pathological models, items of memorabilia of famous scientists and physicians, and medical illustrations.

En route, hear the stories of America’s earliest medical pioneers and of Philadelphia’s Yellow Fever epidemic and the infamous Legionnaires' disease.