The Division does not maintain a database of member contact information or email addresses. We receive all mailing information directly from ACS National, and use this information to send out important announcements such as the availability of elections, the Summer and Winter Newsletter, MEDI abstracts for national ACS meetings, and other select information. The ACS database is also used to generate mailing labels for distributing Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry. We cannot change your personal information, but you can easily do it yourself by logging on the the ACS Homepage at If you have not logged on before, you will need your ACS membership number to register. There is a link for you to follow if you do not know your member ID number. Once you have registered, log in, and you will have access to all of your personal information. The Division receives a new membership roster every three months, and we will then use your new information for all mailings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the ACS staff, or the MEDI Division Secretary.

Visit the ACS Homepage to view your personal information.

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